• john

72 Degrees in February!

As if mid-50s last weekend wasn't enough, Denver warmed all the way up to 72 today. I couldn't let the opportunity to rack up some miles pass me by. Yay global warming, I guess...

So I rode up along Hwy 36. There is a nice bicycle path that goes all the way to Boulder. I stopped at an overlook where there is a nice vista of Boulder, the flatirons, and larger mountains beyond.

The problem with these sudden warm spells this time of year is they always precede snowstorms, and they are super windy. Getting to this overlook wasn't too bad, but the headwind coming back to Denver totally kicked my tail. I managed 60 miles unloaded, but will need to build up from that. The good news is that a year ago I couldn't have done this ride at all.

Denver's trail network goes through some pretty industrial neighborhoods, especially on the north side of town. It's not my favorite to ride through, but the trails are well maintained and patrolled by police fairly regularly. This is downtown Denver, but I wish the view were a bit less obscured by stuff.

Snow tomorrow - hoping for a snow day!

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