• john

Another Warm Weekend

We actually hit 70 on both weekend days, but I was out doing 61 miles on Saturday.

I took a route I hadn't used before and (after parts of Aurora that weren't much fun to ride in) ended up on the East Toll Gate Parkway. It was a pretty ride, with a smooth concrete trail running next to a creek.

Eventually, this trail connected to the Cherry Creek Trail - probably the busiest trail in Denver and one I've ridden hundreds of times. However, this time I went further than I had before. I got to the south side of Parker, and hit an ice-cream shop for a cone before heading home.

This picture is from near Cherry Creek Reservoir. Minus the mountains, it's probably a lot like the countryside I'll be riding through in eastern Colorado and western Kansas in June.

Next weekend won't be as warm, but I'm trying another loaded ride, so I'll stay warm just pushing gear along.

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