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Covid-19 Blues

I was too busy to get out much over the weekend, but managed 50 miles yesterday (Wednesday). Normally I'd be working, but the corona virus has my school district shut down for three weeks (may go longer). I like the extra time, but I am beginning to believe the tour I planned for this summer may be kaput.

If restaurants are closed, if nobody is willing to let me stay at their house (not that I blame them), if travel between states is restricted, if the Tour de Nebraska is cancelled, then my whole trip is toast.

I'm not worried about the financial side of it. Most of my reservations and Amtrak tickets are moveable/refundable. I'm just bummed I worked so hard for this and may not be able to do it. Selfish, given the current events, but it's what I'm feeling...

Anyway, yesterday was really nice (65-ish). I headed to REI on the Cherry Creek Trail, then south on the Platte River Trail.

I have NEVER seen this spot so empty on a nice day. This is where Cherry Creek empties into the Platte River (called "The Confluence"). Normally there are dozens of people on the patio in front of Starbucks, and more over to the left, where kids are climbing on that rock. REI is closed and Starbucks too (unless a drive-through). Bleak times...

Further south, I encountered a building I have wanted to photograph for a long time. It's the Denver Wastewater Management building. Folks here refer to it as Gotham City Hall, and are usually disappointed to find it's just the Denver Wastewater office. In front of it is the old 3rd Street bridge. The building looks from the art deco era, but was built in 1989 (I think). The old bridge was left standing. This end of it butts up against the Platte River Trail, and normally the gates are closed - ugly chain link fencing. Today, it was open, so I slipped inside and took a couple pictures. I've read that these sculptures along the sides of the bridge actually can spray water, but I've never seen them in action. Too bad...

Here's a picture from further south on the trail. It really is a striking building that doesn't look as if it were built only 30 years ago.

One of the reservoirs just north of Chatfield Reservoir. My intention was to head South for 32 miles, but the wind sprang up and it got cloudy. I turned back at the point where I had 50 miles as I thought it would get too cold (for what I was wearing). Half-way back, the sun came out again and warmed things up. At least the southerly wind pushed me home.

True to form, the warmth and wind preceded actual weather, and we now are getting several inches of snow just a day later.

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