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Gear Update 1: Electronics

Denver weather has been lousy for riding lately. We've had a pattern of snow, day or two off, snow for what seems like two weeks. This is the 3rd day of 40-degree weather in a row, so it's beginning to melt off a bit, but (since Denver doesn't believe in snow plows) the streets I use to commute still have lots of slushy icy ruts. Last Monday I ended up on my back when trying to accelerate to cross a busy street. Didn't slide into the street and all that was damaged was my ego, but it's been challenging staying upright.

So, since I can't ride as much as I'd like, I'm fine-tuning my equipment list, and making sure I have enough chargers, cables and adapters to keep everything charged up.

I finally decided on the solar charger. This is a BigBlue 28watt with four panels that all are about the size of a school composition notebook. It folds up for storage and has four brass grommets at the corners that will allow me to hook it to the baggage on the back of my bike. I'll try to angle it to best catch the sun, but that may be tough as I'm riding east most of the time.

This has 3 USB outlets, which I'm connecting into two Anker 20000 MAH battery banks. My plan is not to charge the electronics directly while riding, but charge these two batteries instead. Then, at the end of the day, I can charge up the other gear from these.

The final electronics list (that will need charging by USB) is getting long!

  • Phone

  • iPad w/ keyboard (mostly for updating the website)

  • Kindle

  • Front flashing light (also functions as headlight if it gets dark while riding)

  • Rear flashing light

  • DJI Osmo Gimbal (smooth video!)

  • Wahoo Elemnt GPS

  • Wireless earbuds (not for riding most of the time)

  • JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker

Things I will just have to plug in when I find an outlet would be

  • Camera (yes, I am bringing the real camera...and a zoom lens)

  • Handheld Radio (although I don't expect to use this much)

  • Chargers for the battery banks

I considered ditching the iPad and updating the website on my phone using a folding keyboard, as one cross-country cyclist did on her blog. I just don't think my old eyes will tolerate working on that small screen for long.

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