• john

Happy Fourth!

It's been a weird unsettling, and not very happy year for me. Here's to next year's July fourth being more normal with parades, gatherings and community.

Just an easy 40-mile up north and back today - I tried to get a bit artsy with this dead tree along the Sand Creek Trail.

Signs stored while the I-70 reconstruction is taking place.

You might never guess this is in a fairly industrial part of north Denver. This is Clear Creek just before it empties into the Platte.

And this is the spot where they join.

The trifecta of water birds I see most days from my bike: Great Blue Heron (extreme left - hard to see in the shadow of the riverbank), Snowy Egret, and an American White Pelican.

Another Snowy Egret in flight.

Sunflower along the Platte River. These seem to thrive in even the most polluted industrial areas. I used an infrared treatment on this photo, so it looks white not yellow.

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