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The Snow is Slowing Me Down!

Updated: Feb 25

The weather pattern we've had the last three weeks of snow, two days off, snow has impacted my training. I'm not sure where the idea that that winter would just get out of my way and not affect my life came from, but it's damn inconvenient!

Seriously, I should do more indoor riding, but the exercise bike just isn't cutting it for me these days. Saturday, I managed 40 miles, and covered some new ground (for me) that I hadn't ridden before. I have a camping trip scheduled for Jackson Lake State Park around the first of April. It's about 80 miles away and is a sort of dry run to see if I'm preparing adequately. So on Saturday I rode about a quarter of that, then turned around to head home. More headwinds (good training I guess) on the way home made it a bit challenging.

I'm always a bit puzzled by wildlife's willingness to use polluted areas. This is right next to the Suncor oil refinery in north Denver. These geese seem perfectly happy here. But I can smell and see the pollution around me. They don't seem to or don't mind. This is an area where I would expect to see Blinky the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons jump out of the water. Yet these birds don't seem aware they are living in an area that I have to believe will shorten their lives.

Here again we have lots of ducks in the South Platte River seemingly unaware they are in an area that may be chemically polluted. They seem content, so who am I to burst their bubble?

Birds aren't the only wildlife that exists near city centers. Here is a prairie dog, who squeaked non-stop as I took his picture. Their holes are visible everywhere around Denver's highways.

I believe this is a prairie falcon (close relative to the peregrine). I really need to start bringing my longer zoom lens as this isn't close enough to do the bird justice.

These are immature bald eagles. There were three of them with an adult, but it was hard to get them all in one shot...

Close to where I turned around to go home, the surroundings became quite bucolic. There was a really nice concrete trail here, and I kept wondering how much longer it would go and who paid for it.

Closer to home, I was nearing the turnoff to the Sand Creek Trail, when two shadows passed over me. I looked up to see these two bald eagles land on the pylon I was passing under. I'm bummed that I wasn't able to photograph them in flight! I waited for several minutes to see if they would take off again, but they just rested, so I eventually continued riding home.

It snowed on and off today until mid-afternoon. Not much accumulation, and next weekend is supposed to be mid-50s, so I'll be back out there!

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