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What happened?

It's been exactly three months since my last post. You may have guessed what happened - the Covid-tastraphy messed everything up.

My summer tour depended on way too many things that Covid-19 has killed:

I was supposed to use the network to stay in several stranger's homes. Normally this would be a great way to meet new people. In this environment I wouldn't dream of asking a stranger to take me in.

I was also relying on campgrounds or city parks being available for camping. This became increasingly uncertain as this pandemic developed.

Part of my tour was via Amtrak - this no longer seemed safe or prudent.

Lastly, the group ride I was going to join in Nebraska (the 33rd Tour de Nebraska) was canceled (correctly in my opinion) and postponed until next year. Staying overnight in schools, congregating in bars and restaurants, socializing in large groups -- all part of the experience, just aren't safe any longer. I support the organizer's decision and hope next year can go as planned.

So I've been working at home, riding when I can, and just getting by like everyone else. I am fortunate that both my wife and I have the ability to work from home and still be paid. I know many people don't have that luxury, and am grateful I am not trying to figure out where the next mortgage payment is coming from.

I'm going to post less frequently through the summer - mostly about local (Denver) riding. It won't be super-exciting, but hopefully things can pick up next year and I can pass along my tour experience. It will probably look a bit different, but we will see. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Stay safe! Wear a mask!

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