• john

Winter Training Ride

Denver was in the mid-50s today, so I got 39 miles in. Parts of it had nasty headwinds, so that may help me prepare for Kansas in June. 1000 vertical feet - not a lot, but Denver is pretty flat! I did load up the bike with about a third of my total touring weight. I'll have to work up to the full amount, but I felt pretty good today and didn't have to stop except to chug water or check my map.

Last winter I really back-slid with the health issue I had. I stopped riding for almost three months. When I did start up again, it was HARD! This year I'm feeling better and riding almost every day. My commute is short (2 miles), so it doesn't add a lot of mileage, but doing it EVERY day seems to help as long as I can get longer rides in on the weekends. I'm definitely feeling stronger and can go longer than this time last year.

There is a nice network of trails around Denver. This picture is just north of "The Confluence" where Cherry Creek enters the Platte River. There is an REI and Starbucks right on the Platte River trail - it's a very popular stopping spot for cyclists.

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